C-210 Drawn


The fascia of this credenza is steel that has been treated with Stefan Rurak Studio's unique patina process, involving heat treating and painting with different concentrations of black oxide. The artist then hand carves a unique drawing into each piece. (Please note each piece will vary with unique drawings and the image is only an example) The case is fully wrapped and fully finished (front and back) with hand-blackened steel that is employed as a veneer and sealed with oil and buffed wax. The cabinet door hardware is Blum tip-on, two doors open to reveal rich walnut with adjustable shelving. The drawers are Blum self closing tip-on Movento slides.

MATERIALS: blackened steel, cast-concrete, patinated steel Walnut

shown at 16"D x 72"L x 30"H

Made to order. Custon sizes and materials available




STEFAN RURAK_PROJECT 09_180119_JF_SR_C210_009_4.9.2018.jpg

STEFAN RURAK_PROJECT 15_180119_JF_SR_C210_009_6.26.2018.jpg

STEFAN RURAK_PROJECT 09_180119_JF_SR_C210_013_4.9.2018.jpg

STEFAN RURAK_PROJECT 09_180119_JF_SR_C210_027_4.9.2018.jpg

STEFAN RURAK_PROJECT 09_180119_JF_SR_C210_054_4.9.2018.jpg

STEFAN RURAK_PROJECT 15_180119_JF_SR_C210_039_6.26.2018.jpg

STEFAN RURAK_PROJECT 15_180119_JF_SR_C210_132_6.26.2018.jpg